Friday, September 15, 2017

Jon-Michael Frank

When I learned of mid-life crisis's while growing up, I thought they lasted a few days when you turned 50 (I had high hopes of making it to a hundred). They sounded fun - packed with new identity and realizations and maybe a new yellow convertible. And they sounded brief. Middle, in my eyes was the 26th or 27th card in the deck. Not the stack between the top and bottom card. I've been experiencing a mid-life crisis for the last 11 years. Maybe mid-life crisis is just a dysphemism for life? One thing I know,  Jon-Michael Frank doesnt make me feel alone in this feeling.
I came across Jon's work at Push/Pull in Seattle. I originally intended to just take photos of his work, copy and remake them for myself. But his crude drawings added more than I knew, and decided to pick up his book. You should too. Or at least just follow him on instagram.